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WCD is a uniquely scientific martial discipline. It is a self-defense system designed for only one purpose, practical street defense. To ensure efficiency, all techniques are based on a set of clearly demonstrable body mechanics [More...]

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With over 30 years experience in various Martial Arts, Rocco Ambrose is currently Sibok (Senior Instructor) and named Inheritor of the Wing Chun Do Kung Fu system. Studying Wing Chun Do since 1982, teaching since 1988. [More...]

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Here is an easy way for you to discover the benefits of Wing Chun Do. Sign up for the Intro Program: Three lessons and a Free Uniform for just $29.95. For children or adults! [More...]


This school cares about the overall growth of the individual. Each student is looked after as if they were the most important person to ever walk through the door. Everyone in the organization desires to see you succeed. The art itself is far superior to any I have witnessed. - Paul S

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