Ambrose Academy
Women training in self-defense program

Over 20 years of Self-Defense Training for Women, Teens, and Children
through Ambrose Academy's Personal Protection Programs

Our goal is to provide women the optimal learning environment for personal safety and self-defense.

Woman learning kicking defense The anti-abduction techniques presented in this program are specifically tailored from unique body mechanics developed by the Wing Chun Do system. This program applies bare bones, no frills, survival techniques proven effective for surviving and escaping common street attacks. Among the topics covered are:

  • Pre-emptive safety measures on and off the street
  • Incapacitating striking techniques
  • Common grab escapes
  • Proper targeting for maximum effect
  • Defenses on the ground
  • Small joint locks

You will learn the mechanics of power generation, and the secrets of reducing your reaction time. You will tap into the natural intensity of your emotions and use it to your advantage. Bring your friends, sisters, daughters and mothers to this dynamic and fun class. You will have more confidence in your abilities and have a better understanding of self-protection. Anti-abduction skills and self defense skills are for everyone, novice or experienced. 

Call or email for more information about our next scheduled event.  Consider scheduling your group for a one-day seminar at our school or at your location. Or join us during Campus Safe Walk weekly courses during the months of July and August. Classes are opened to all women, ages 14 and up.

CAMPUS SAFE WALK July and August

Two women walking on campus

Walking from class to class, walking to a parking structure, walking around a large campus, trekking all the way back to your dorm.  The safest way to travel is with friends or to call your local campus safe walk program to escort you to your next destination. Learn vital life saving lessons before setting foot on to your campus. Among the topics covered are:

  • Learn comprehensive safety skills and techniques to fend off an attacker using the most simple and direct proven effective techniques
  • Examine the step-by-step analysis of the psycho-dynamics of confrontation called, "Anatomy of an Assault".
  • Pre-emptive safety measures - the Best Defense. Focus on personal safety on and off the street.
  • Learn life-saving survival techniques that are proven effective regardless of age, size, or physical condition against a variety of common street attacks, regardless of the opponent's size.

Campus Safe Walk is offered during the months of July and August. Sign up early before you have to be on campus. Classes are opened to all women, ages 14 and up.

For your convenience, choose your six-class schedule: Once a week for six weeks or twice a week for three weeks.

For more information or to reserve your spot, contact us today: 734-422-4420 or