Ambrose Academy
Students practicing Chi Sao Introductory Program

Here is an easy way for you to discover the benefits of Wing Chun Do. Try our Intro Program.

The Intro Program gives you the opportunity:

  • To try out the classes
  • Get an overview of the system
  • Get an introduction to a set of biomechanical principles unique to the WCD system
  • A chance to experience the teaching method
  • To see how we fit into your schedule
  • And if we are really the art and school for you
Testimonial: "I learned more in an hour with you than in six months at another school!"

Discover the difference

The Intro Program cost is $29.95* and consists of three lessons and a Free uniform.

No obligation to join. Come in and watch a class or sign up using Intro form.
*(Check, US postal money order, or cash. Sorry no credit cards at this time.)

Best days to watch a class


Lil' Dragons and Kid's Classes – Tuesday or Wednesday at 5:30pm, Saturday at 10:00am
Juniors Classes – Thursday at 5:30pm


Evenings - Monday or Wednesday at 6:30pm
Mornings – Tuesday or Thursday at 10:30am, Saturday at 11:00am