Ambrose Academy
Women learning self-defense at Ambrose Academy Testimonials from out Womens Self-Defense Programs

Ann M.
I am not a martial arts student, but I've taken a self-defense class here and the course they put on is the best. They actually let you practice strikes and kicks on real peoples (of course they are wearing lots of protective gear). They make it realistic. You come away knowing that you have practiced doing things (and not just pretending) that will help you in any threatening situation. Everyone there is kind, patient and genuinely wants to make sure you come away confident that you can handle yourself in any situation. Thank you."

Evelyn B.
The Women's Self Defense class is just wonderful, after taking the class I have more peace of mind. I feel its important for every woman to be able to defend herself if she is forced to."

Lori L.
I have been training for a few years with a long break due to pregnancy and I love the value received there. I highly recommend Ambrose Academy. My 7 year old has just started and she has already gotten the basics down and I am excited to have my 2 year old start in a few years. Especially viable for women and little girls to learn simple, effective techniques that work!!! Understanding how to protect yourself also manifests in overall confidence and the ability to adjust to varying situations. Would recommend to all!!!

Ramona C.
"I told my daughter if she wants to date, she has to take this seminar four to five times. I want her to internalize the information so that she will be ready. She's loves it."

Dawn R.
"This program exceeded all of my expectations. The staff was professional and the volunteers were so helpful. I would highly recommend this program."

Leslie R.
"This school teaches a style of martial arts that is practical and will help in your everyday life. I took the women's self defense class and learned so much. The teachers and students are very friendly and go out of their way to help. I would recommend this style and school to anyone. What a wonderful learning atmosphere they create that still has an element of fun."