Ambrose Academy
Children learning about Stranger Awareness Stranger Smart Program

Diane Webb, Wayne County Commissioner
"I took my son to a free Stranger Smart presentation at Ambrose Academy and realized that every child should see this program. Stranger Smart is a unique program designed to help keep young children safe from predators and would-be abductors. I have partnered with Rocco Ambrose and sponsored the programs for the communities I serve, Garden City, Dearborn Heights, and Redford."

Dodie Lore, Program Director at Divine Child Elementary
"The program is a valuable service to our community. The method of repeatedly summarizing each critical point and allowing the kids to practice the skill with different scenarios are most effective in driving the message home."

Kathleen O'Connor, 3rd grade teacher, Divine Child
"Two 6 year old girls from our school were approached by two people in a van. They remembered the steps taught at the Stranger Smart program. Just as the person got out of the van, the girls remembered Mr. Ambrose described this scenario as dangerous and ran home."

Mary Wyatt, parent of children at VandenBurg Elementary in Redford,
"I was astounded when I walked into the cafeteria/auditorium and saw over a hundred kids listening intently to everything Mr. Ambrose said. He held their attention throughout the fifty-minute presentation and the children eagerly wanted to participate. And when he called out "Attention!" to quiet things down, they all snapped to attention and you could hear a pin drop. I knew this was the teacher for my kids."

Deborah, parent of eight year old
"This program kept my daughter's attention. At school, they just sit at their desks and listen to a lecture about stranger safety. But this program gets the kids up and moving and let's them role-play over and over. She got so much more out of this program. Thank you."

Donna Smith, parent of eleven-year-old Christian
"I made sure my children have seen the Stranger Smart program several times. Christian was outside playing when a woman approached him from the street. The first thing he did was "take two big steps back" until he knew what she wanted. When she came closer, he backed up again, which made her stop. She tried to explain that she was looking for a house and approached a third time and he ran into the house to get me. I explained to the woman that he was taught how to keep safe from strangers and that he did everything right. She was impressed and I was proud and thankful. It gave me peace of mind to know that Christian had learned the steps so well that he did them instinctively."