Ambrose Academy
Children having fun at Ambrose Academy Chlidren's Activity Programs Testimonials for our Chlidren's Activity Programs

Evelyn M., Warren
"It's more of a family atmosphere. My small daughter attended their summer camp last year and asked almost everyday can she go to camp again. We love Ambrose Academy."

Sandy N., Westland
"Zachary loved it. He had so much fun. When he found out it was the last day, he got really upset."

Nancy A., Beverly Hills
"Both Ryan and Amber had so much fun. They wanted to know why the camp ended. They didn't want it to end."

Mrs. Marie S., Beverly Hills
" Michael loves it! So does Megan. We are so happy we have found you. Michael has low self esteem and he needs something like this."

Carol C., Dearborn Heights
"The boys are having a blast. You keep them busy all day long that when bedtime arrives they both go out immediately. I have the whole evening to myself."

Todd R. Brownstown
"They can't wait to get here every morning. After the week was up, they kept asking every morning if they were coming back to camp. So I made sure to sign up for the next one."