Ambrose Academy
Children at Ambrose Academy Testiminials for Chilren's Programs

Curtis G., dad after showing us his 7-year-old son's report card, Royal Oak
"His teacher told us that Aaron has been more focused and less agitated. His attention span has increased. She told us "that what ever we are doing, to keep it up." I attribute Aaron's improvement directly to coming to Ambrose Academy."

Laura P., about her 13-year-old son, Livonia
"This has been so good for Taki. This is the first time he has openly studied for something. He even asked me to help him study. Amazing, this is the first time ever, and I'm a schoolteacher."

Mr. Owens, about 5-year-old son Anthony, Detroit
"Just by coming here, after his third visit, Anthony's teacher said she already sees a difference."

Jessie L, about 10-year-old son, Garden City
"I took my son to several schools to check them out. I let him pick the school he wanted to attend. Within minutes he said this was the school. Everyone was smiling and having a good time while training. The school had a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere that he really liked."

Mrs. B., about her son Justin (ADHD), Redford
"I saw a difference within the first week. He actually responds to his name when we call him. Usually we need to call him relentlessly. He's definitely more focused."

Brad O., about his 9-year-old son, Redford
"Kids at school would make fun of Matthew and he'd get real angry and sometimes used his size to intimate other kids. Now, he let's things just roll of his back. He doesn't let it bother him anymore. He's got a new way of looking at things."

Julie C., Sterling Heights
"Sibok Rocco Ambrose and Mrs. Liz have done an awesome job teaching my 6 year old son the art of Wing Chun Do. He has learned to be his personal best at all times, respect others and himself, be self-disciplined and best of all to have honor."

Valentina G: about her 10 year old daughter, Detroit "Ambrose Academy has made a positive impact on our daughter's life, her self-confidence, coordination and her overall character. She has great discipline when she focuses. When she is at school, she is always placed in leadership roles. She shows the same dedication in academics as in martial arts, which we attribute to the training. We thank you.