Ambrose Academy
Older Wing Chun Do Students Practicing Testimonials from Baby Boomers

Fat, Old and Gray
"… I am over 50 with many physical issues and I am more capable of defending myself now than when I was in the Marines. I can also say that I have found a group of people who WANT to share their knowledge and will feed it to you as fast as you can absorb it. I truly have come to love this school and the people there."

Dominick M. - joined at age 64 and is now 79, Dearborn
"Training at Ambrose Academy has help me to become strong and more focused; especially at a time when I felt I was losing my strength. I found out that I could still generate power and feel strong. At the same time, I'm learning something about self-defense and keeping active. As long as training makes me happy, I'll keep on coming to class."

Fred H., Dearborn Heights, 53
"It's great to see others my age in class. This is one art that truly can be done regardless of age."

Doris C, Plymouth, 63
"I came to Ambrose Academy for weekly self-defense training. I then joined the regular morning class. Excellent instruction, effective art, and I'm having a great time."