Ambrose Academy
Adults practicing at Ambrose Academy Testimonials for Adult Program.

Mark K., Ann Arbor
"The staff is truly interested in bringing the martial arts to the individual's need and abilities. Here is a martial art that empowers the common person to defend himself or herself in an altercation."

Kathy N., Port Clinton, Ohio
"The Ambrose Academy is unique and special. My husband traveled 3 hours each way once a week to train. There aren't very many schools that teach what Ambrose Academy teaches! They definitely get my vote!"

Sandy S., Livonia
"Caring environment – one big family – takes time to instruct proper techniques – high and positive energy throughout – exceeds all expectations – brought out parts of me I didn't know I possessed. Synergistic instructors – I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from Sibok and Elizabeth, and the entire Ambrose Academy family.

Richard, A parent and student from Detroit
"Not just a martial arts school, Ambrose Academy is martial arts family. When you walk through the door you will be welcomed by all to learn the simple, efficient, and practical art of Wing Chun Co. The children's program, anchored in respect of self and others will transform your child into a disciplined and confident person. Adults of all ages, levels of strength and size will realize the surety of knowing they are equipped to defend their selves from those who would attempt to cause harm and gain a family of genuine and truly caring people that are as interested in your development as they are their own."

Richard S., Ypsilanti
"Attending this academy, I watched my brother grow from a person with very little self-esteem and courage, into a young man who is confident, brave, and a role model for his young children and family."

Gabriel M., Ann Arbor
"I've attended many other martial arts schools, but this school is so different. Everyone is friendly and genuinely want to help each other. You just don't find that kind of attitude anywhere else. This is like nothing I've ever experienced before."

Jim L., Dearborn
"My doctors asked how I managed to calm my tremors and the shaking. When I'm concentrating on my lessons the shaking almost stops."

Khai H, Sterling Heights
"The instructor really cares about his students and is always giving, going out of his way to make sure every student gets the training they want or need. I like how the upper belts and senior students help the newer ones. It is very much a family, and I appreciate that."