Ambrose Academy

Adult Specialty Programs

Rocco working with the wooden dummy

Intro to Mok Yan Jong

(Wooden Man Dummy)

This comprehensive program introduces the student to traditional forms as well as combat application of the wooden dummy techniques. Also presented is the use of the Wing Chun Do spring-loaded dummy.

  • Yip Man's 116 form and fighting application
  • Augustine Fong's 108 form and fighting application
  • Spontaneous dummy flow drills
  • Wing Chun Do Spring-loaded dummy combination and flow drills
This program will enhance your rhythm, timing, and independent coordination. It will also help develop your stance work and tremendous internal strength.

James DeMile's Chi Sao book

Intro to Chi Sao

(Sticking Hands)

Bruce Lee's dynamic spring energy principles and his unique application of Chi Sao, the art of sticking hands as taught to Wing Chun Do founder, James W. DeMile and defined by Inheritor Rocco Ambrose. Chi Sao limits the opponent's offensive and defensive potential at a very close range, giving you ultimate control over your opponent's energy.


NEW! Chi Sao DVDs Available – Wing Chun Do Chi Sao Concepts by Inheritor Rocco Ambrose gives detailed explanations and defines a step-by-step methodology of the biomechanics of WCD Chi Sao. Sold individually or as a 3-DVD set. [Learn more about our DVDs...]

Two martal artists grappling

Intro to Grappling

This well-rounded program offers an introduction to a variety of grappling concepts.

  • Basic concepts of stand-up grappling based on Professor Wally Jay's Small Circle Jujitsu
  • Basic Kumite concepts based on Ernie Boggs' American Sport Jujitsu
  • Basic concepts of ground fighting based on Gracie Jujitsu as learned from Relson Gracie and Chris "The Badger" Blanke
  • Combat Submissions based on Professor Tony Maynard's American Combat Jujitsu
This program is sure to provide crossover skills to complement any martial artist's program.

Chinese Broad Sword

Intro to Martial Art Weapons

This fun and challenging program introduces the student to basic fighting concepts common to many MA weapons.

  • Basic Stick fighting concepts based on Dan Inosanto's Escrima and Professor Remy Pressas's Modern Arnis
  • Basic sword combat concepts based on the "Willow-leaf broadsword" of Hung Ga Master William Wu
  • Basic long pole combat concepts based on the "Sickle-key spear" of Hung Ga Master William Wu and Chinese Kempo techniques of James Clark
  • Basic Nunchaku combat concepts based on Southern Shaolin Gung fu of Master Leonid Shaykhet

This program will enhance your speed, flow and coordination and memory retention while increasing your repertoire.