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About Your Instructor:

With 40 years experience in various martial arts and self-defense, Rocco Ambrose is the Inheritor and Sibok (Senior Instructor) in the Wing Chun Do system and owner of Ambrose Academy of Wing Chun Do in Livonia, Michigan, the longest continuous-running Wing Chun Do school in WCD history.. Studying Wing Chun Do since 1982, teaching since 1988, Mr. Ambrose has been featured in Grandmaster James W. DeMile's book the Tao of Wing Chun Do and is featured on DeMile's video, Bruce Lee's One and Three Inch Power Punch. He serves as a Charter Board Member for Wing Chun Do International, headquartered in Rogue River, Oregon. Ambrose is the Michigan representative of the Tao of Wing Chun Do, a non-profit teaching organization 501c3. He has presented seminars on Wing Chun Do in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and Australia, and is currently the only other instructor besides Sijo, certified to train and give rank to Instructors for the WCD system.
Rocco conducting an International Seminar


Domestic or International

Can Sibok Rocco Ambrose, Inheritor of Sijo James DeMile's Wing Chun Do Gung Fu, conduct seminars or ranking camps for your martial arts club, school or organization?

Yes. Martial art schools hire Sibok Ambrose to conduct a variety of seminars for their members. Content can be customized based on your group's focus or audience demographic (novices, intermediate or advance concepts).

Sibok will conduct a seminar on key elements and the unique body mechanics of Wing Chun Do. Topics include: Entry Trapping, WCD footwork, Closing the Gap, Powerline, Startle Concept, WCD Chi Sao and much more. Sijo DeMile, "His understanding of the system and its learning process and his attention to detail is outstanding."

Contact Sibok Rocco Ambrose for more information regarding scheduling and seminar requirements.
Rocco conducting a seminars


Consider a Ranking Camp

Your membership can gain rank in the Basics of Wing Chun Do. Sibok will conduct seminars on each level of WCD giving your students the detailed explanations, step-by-step methodology, in-depth knowledge and a quality of instruction not often experienced. On subsequent camps or seminars, students can move up in rank after a thorough testing process on conceptual and physical requirements.

Contact Sibok Rocco Ambrose for more information regarding scheduling and camp requirements.
Rocco conducting a seminars


In-House Seminars

One-day seminars are conducted regularly on a variety of topics from Introduction to Weapons, Chi Sao (Sticking Hands), on Mok Jong (Wooden Dummy); see Adult Specialty page for more information.

Women's Anti-Abduction and Self Defense and Adult Self Defense and Safety Awareness – Schedule your group for a seminar at our location or yours. Check our Newsletter Blog or the Ambrose Academy Facebook Page for our next scheduled event.