Ambrose Academy
Students of the Second Sight program training with Rocco Ambrose Second Sight Self Defense

Self-Confidence, Independence, Personal Growth

Second Sight Self-Defense (SSSD) is designed to improve fitness, boost energy level, sharpen mental focus and offers a reality-based self-defense. It is a serious personal protection program for the blind and visually impaired.

Second Sight Self Defense program seeks to empower and to promote independence, and personal confidence through a positive and enriching learning experience. The tools for self-defense; analytical thinking, clarity of thought and action, problem solving skills, decisive reactions and strength of will, will enhance the lives of the visually impaired, enabling them to be more at ease when out in the "sighted" world.

Utilizing selective precepts from Wing Chun Do, students develop tactile sensitivity; increase auditory acuity, and intuitive response that work well for the visually impaired. Topics include:

  • Use of sticking hands (chi sao) to feel and control the opponent's central axis.
  • Drills that help the visually impaired efficiently locate and strike central mass.
  • Use of the cane as an effective self-defense tool.
  • Wooden dummy (mok jong) and bag training develop efficient footwork and stability in motion.

The program is a tactile-based system of reading and restricting the attacker's movement from contact. It allows control of arms (weapons), and balance in order to minimize his defensive as well as offensive potential, allowing the "Second Sight" practitioner to effectively neutralize the threat.

"I love it. You learn balance and control. I'm able to do things now that I didn't think I was able to do. It's been great exercise too." Gary Gaynor

Gary Gaynor

Classes for the blind are scarce. We guarantee a great time in the classroom. This opportunity gives the visually impaired another avenue to express their individuality in a stimulating, thought provoking, rewarding class experience further enriching their lives.

Classes meet mornings, once a week at Ambrose Academy in Livonia, Michigan.

Second Sight Self-Defense (SSSD) is a program administered by the Michigan chapter of the Tao of Wing Chun Do, a non-profit 501c3 teaching organization registered in Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, and Michigan. You can help bring this program to the visually impaired by becoming a partner or sponsor to the Second Sight Self-Defense program. To set up a program for your organization or for more information contact Rocco Ambrose.