Ambrose Academy
Students practicing Wing Chun Do Programs

Ambrose Academy is committed to providing a variety of high quality, affordable programs designed to meet the needs of families in our community. Our main focus is to bring self-defense, safety awareness, personal confidence, and discipline to average individuals as well as martial artists. We accomplish this through Positive Reinforcement in a caring and nurturing, fun-filled environment. In addition, our programs are age specific and tailored to optimize personal growth in each age group.

Your safety and personal confidence will be enhanced. The whole family will garner these benefits and translate them within our schools, peer groups, and throughout the community.

Offering personal safety programs such as Wing Chun Do Gung Fu, Stranger Smart©, Good-Bystanders Anti-Bully Program, Conflict Avoidance Techniques, Safety Awareness, Women's and Girls Anti-Abduction and Self-Defense programs, Campus Safe Walk for new college students, Second Sight© Self-Defense for the blind, lectures to community organizations and other self-defense programs and seminars help to strengthen the community.

Ambrose Academy specializes in courses that deal with personal protection and family security. Everyone can benefit from learning preventative tips to keep your self, home and family safe. Students enjoy the camaraderie of our classes while learning practical self-defense skills and safety strategies for every age group. Our classes will deliver the superior edge to keep you and your family safe.