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NEW PRODUCTS – Sibok, Rocco Ambrose, has released his new DVDs, Wing Chun Do Chi Sao. He dissolves the mystery of Chi Sao and defines it in terms of physics and body mechanics, the natural biomechanics that make the Wing Chun Do system so effective. WCD Chi Sao is a culmination of his 25 years of study with Sijo James DeMile, founder of the Wing Chun Do Gung Fu system.

Sibok Rocco Ambrose is well known as a consummate instructor, highly detailed, offering step-by-step methodology and personalized instruction.  His DVDs reveal the science that is Wing Chun Do Chi Sao. He is able to put together the puzzle of Chi Sao and backs it up with physical principles that any novice can learn. Directed by Sijo DeMile and filmed at the Tao of Wing Chun Do studio in Rogue River, Oregon. Check the Shop Page for these DVDs and others, by the founder, James DeMile and his inheritor, Rocco Ambrose.

NEW PROGRAM – New for Ambrose Academy is the Keep Kids Safe After School Program for September 2011. Keep Kids Safe After School Program offers themed weeks on martial arts and safety related topics that every child should know like Stranger Smart, anti-Bullying, anti-abduction techniques, nutrition, fitness, negative peer pressure, internet safety, and much more.  They will develop discipline, self-confidence and increased focus and have a great time doing it, too. See our Children’s Specialty Page for more information or email us for a brochure.

CAMPUS SAFE WALK – It’s time again for our annual Campus Safe Walk Program for this July and August. Hundreds of girls will be moving onto college campuses all over the nation. Worried parents want and need a program that will give their daughters the information they need to keep safe. Campus Safe Walk topics will include good preventative safety measures, anti-abduction techniques, and hands on self-defense skill. Contact us to register or for more information. 

Jeffrey J. Maletz after completing his Basics Program in the Instructor In Training Program has gained a new title. No longer sihing (older kung fu brother or trainer), Jeff will now be known as Sifu Jeff Maletz.  Jeff walked into our school just shy of his eighteenth birthday, and became a constant at Ambrose Academy. He is more than just a student and we are very proud of his achievement. A ceremony and celebration will take place sometime this summer. 

A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY – One of our long-time students, Dominick Martinelli, will be turning 80 years old this August. Dominick started Wing Chun Do when he was 65 years old. A very active man, Dominick likes to go dancing at least two times a week, takes tai chi, and loves Wing Chun Do. We definitely cannot let this milestone go unnoticed.

SUMMER DAY CAMP/FITNESS, SPORT AND MARTIAL ARTS – The last hoorah for the summer! Our day camp starts August 22 – 26. Students interested on attending this exciting and awesome camp can register at the office.


Wing Chun Do International

GRAND OPENING – Sijo James DeMile will be a special guest at the Grand Opening of the Fitness Dojo in Auburn Washington. Ken DeMile, Sijo’s nephew, has a new gym and offers a variety of fitness and martial art classes.

SIJO DEMILE SEMINAR – Sijo DeMile has planned another seminar in August. It is open to Instructors In Training and to students. It will be held at the Fitness Dojo in Auburn, Washington.  Dates are August 19-21, eight hours on Friday and Saturday, four hours on Sunday. Sibok Rocco will be in attendance as an instructor for the seminar.

Upcoming:  Sijo has just finished his new DVD on Spring Energy and it should be available soon.


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