Ambrose Academy
Rocci Ambrose teaching Winh Chun Do Instructor Program Wing Chun Do Instructor Program

As an educational teaching organization, the goal of the Tao of Wing Chun Do (TWCD) is to impart knowledge and skills that enhance total personal growth. TWCD uses a modern martial arts approach to physical development and offers special personal development programs that present various methods to increase personal control over emotions and individual potentials. To accomplish this goal, TWCD has created the Wing Chun Do Instructor Training Program, structured to prepare the instructor to offer a valuable service to the community, while enjoying a rewarding career. The purpose for the WCD Instructor's Program is to produce highly qualified instructors who can present the Wing Chun Do curriculum in a professional manner, and who understand the complexities of running a martial art school as a business. Ambrose Academy is the Wing Chun Do Midwest International Headquarters. Sibok Rocco Ambrose is the Michigan representative for the Tao of Wing Chun Do and only instructor authorized by Sijo DeMile to certify instructors for the Wing Chun Do system.

The program supplies all necessary written and video materials to facilitate the learning process.

Testing is written, verbal, and video recorded to ensure thorough understanding and competent/proper application skills.

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