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Shaolin monks practicing kung fu A Modern Version of a Tradional Art

Bound by tradition, classical martial arts are strictly passed down in their original form, performed in a certain way merely because they have been passed down that way for hundreds of years. After all, that is the very nature of tradition. A modern martial art allows for evolution and growth.

In early eastern culture, martial art training was viewed as a life-long endeavor. A practitioner was expected to devote many hours a day to meditation and practice, spending years attempting to fit himself into the traditional mold, in pursuit of perfection. In modern western culture, the average student, while desiring self-defense skills, had so many demands on his/her time that after satisfying everyday obligations and responsibilities, there remains precious little time to devote to martial art training.

This is why Wing Chun Do takes a more modern, practical approach to martial arts, seeking to develop in its students a practical skill level in the shortest time possible. Wing Chun Do offers techniques, which can be, tailored to the individual, based on as set of clearly demonstrable principles, utilizing the natural physics of the human body. Training natural technique ensure quicker learning, ease of application, little or no maintenance, and life-long retention. In addition, Wing Chun Do’s three structural rules – simplicity, efficiency and practicality - facilitate a constant process of ‘checking our premises’ in order to adapt, realistically, to the dictates of combat for a modern time.

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