Ambrose Academy
mat room with equipment Facilities

Skillful instructors and a Friendly training environment are major assets of Ambrose Academy of Wing Chun Do. The school is extremely well equipped with a wide variety of Training Devices for more Creative Learning. Some of the training devices are custom made and developed by Sijo James DeMile and others to enhance and complement the needs of Wing Chun Do Gung Fu.

observation Area Ambrose academy facilities include:

  • Main training hall
  • Padded Mat Room
  • Small training room
  • Parent Gallery

wooden and spring loaded dummies bag rack Wide variety of Custom-built training devices and apparatus:

  • Stress Wheel, Live Dummy, Lights,
    Running Heavy Bag, Bungee
  • Wooden Dummies (Mook jong) and
    spring loaded mook jong
  • Heavy and Speed Bags
  • Reflex Timers
  • Training Equipment
  • Wavemasters
  • Station Training
  • Pro-Shop

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