Ambrose Academy


Wing Chun Do Starter Package

Adult Starter Package

Order and pick up this Basics Class equipment package at the school. Protective eyewear, arm pads, required school patches and basic* bag gloves.


Price: $85.00 plus tax


(*Upgrade any package by choosing from a variety of quality leather gloves in stock, prices will vary. Items also sold separately.)

Wing Chun Do Adult Avdanced Equipment Package

Adult Advance package

This package has everything you need for Advance Wing Chun Do Classes. New uniform, headgear, practice rubber knife, mouth guard, blindfold, practice wood gun and shin guards.


Price: $195.00 plus tax


(Items also sold separately.)

Wing Chun Do Kids Starter Package

Kids Starter Package

Has everything your child needs for Basics classes. Equipment bag, arm pads, foam nunchaku, bead jump rope, and school patches. Order today for pick up at the school.


Price: $55.00 plus tax


(Items also sold separately.)

Wing Chun Do Kids Advance Equipment Package

Kids Advance Package

This package contains bag gloves, headgear, shin guards, blindfold, and double sticks.


Price: $125.00 plus tax


(Items also sold separately.)

Wing Chun Do Parent Coach Equipment Package

Parent Coach package

Here is a great opportunity to support, motivate, and show how important you think it is for your child to train and practice at home. Use these great training aids, blockers, hand targets, and kick targets, and bond with your child as a parent coach.


Price: $95.00 plus tax


(Items also sold separately.)

boy looking at Wing Chun Do display case

You Passed Your Test!

Gift Ideas

An easy and inexpensive way to congratulate your child or grandchild on a job well done!


Gift items as low as $1.50. Choose from a variety of martial art pins, patches, and other great items. Recognize this important moment and your child will beam with pride.