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DVD - One and Three Inch Punch

Bruce Lee's One and Three Inch

Power Punch DVD

Sijo James DeMile

Shows a detailed breakdown of one of Bruce Lee’s most explosive strikes including the exercises, mechanics and applications of this unique close range strike. Also known as the Floating Punch. Also available is the companion manual with the same title, Bruce Lee’s 1 and 3 Inch Power Punch.


Price: $40.00

DVD - Principles of Closing

WCD Basics Rules and

Principles of Closing

Sijo James DeMile

Fundamentals for developing closing skills. Covers the important elements and the dos and don't of closing the gap. Rather than adding this to each DVD, it is presented as a training guide by itself.


Price: $20.00

DVD - Lunge Close

Lunge Close

Sijo James DeMile

Bruce Lee's favorite close for trapping. Excellent for immediate trapping options. The quickest of all the closes.


Price: $40.00

DVD - Steal A Step Close

Steal-a-Step Close

Sijo James DeMile

Excellent for closing on kickers from a longer distance when too far away for a lunge close.


Price: $40.00

DVD - Skip A Step Close

Skip-a-Step Close

Sijo James DeMile

Very effective against tall or large framed opponents. An excellent close for kickers who want to surprise the opponent. Very effective for setting up an opponent from long range.


Price: $35.00

DVD - Step Over Close

Step-Over Close

Sijo James DeMile

Surprise close when switching directions while moving around an opponent. An efficient way to attack while weakening the opponent's strong stance when moving around him.


Price: $35.00

DVD - Bruce Lee's Spring Energy

Bruce Lee's Spring Energy

Sijo James DeMile

Bruce Lee's "secret weapon" - Spring energy was part of every technique and what made him so extremely effective in controlling the opponent. 


Price: $30.00

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