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Rocco Ambrose teaching a community program
Rocco Ambrose teaching a community program

Special Programs for Schools, Organizations, and the Community

Stranger Smart©

Children Stranger Awareness Program Read More

This anti-abduction safety program is disguised as an entertaining and fun program to teach youngsters the tools for dealing with strangers. Children will learn the importance of recognizing situations that could put them at risk and learn how to avoid them. We're proud that community leaders and educators recommend this highly effective and proven program. Ambrose Academy is dedicated to bringing safety skills to our children and making them STRANGER SMART©.

We have made over fifty presentations to local Cub Scout and Brownies troops, area elementary schools, community centers and local events. We will be happy to bring our program to your school or organization. A field trip to our school can also be arranged. Read what educators and community leaders say about our program on our testimonial page.

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Field Trips

Have your school visit Ambrose Academy

Need a New, Exciting, and Educational field trip for your students or summer campers? Schedule a different kind of field trip that is stimulating, educational, lots of fun, and very cool. "Intro to Martial Arts," perfect for ages 6-12. The children will be engaged, work off some energy and have a great time. Children learn best from doing and this trip has it all, a complete martial art experience.

Bring your group to our school and choose from one of the following programs: Girls'Anti-Abduction and Self-Defense Course, Stranger Smart, or Intro to Martial Arts (can be used as a school fundraiser!)

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Second Sight Self-Defense

Self-Defense Program for the Visually Impaired Read More

Our mission: To teach the visually impaired effective personal protection skills, build self-esteem and personal confidence. To promote independence and total personal growth through a positive and enriching learning experience.

The classes give the visually impaired hands on experience in defense techniques that are effective, easy to learn, and tailored for their specific needs. The program offers an opportunity and another avenue to express their individuality in a stimulating, thought provoking, rewarding class experience further enriching their lives.

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Women's Anti-Abduction and Self-Defense

Self Defense Program for Women Read More

Women's Anti-Abduction & Self-Defense courses, Campus Safe Walk for young women entering college or Girls' Street Smarts for ages 8-12, are devoted to teaching personal safety. Pre-emptive defense is learning how to read the danger signs, to recognize potentially dangerous situations and how to avoid them.

Learn comprehensive safety skills and techniques to fend off an attacker using the most simple, direct, and proven effective techniques. The techniques presented are specifically tailored from unique body mechanics developed by the Wing Chun Do system. These classes apply bare bones, no frills survival techniques proven effective against a variety of common street attacks. Anti-Abduction and self-defense skills can be learned by everyone, novice or experienced, regardless of age, size, or physical condition.

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Guest Speaker

Invite Rocco Ambrose to your next event

Enhance your next meeting, conference, or special event and invite Rocco Ambrose to be a guest speaker. With over 40 years of experience and expertise on safety awareness and personal protection issues, he provides valuable insight on a variety of topics focusing on how to keep you and your family safe and secure.

Church groups, support groups, Mothers of Preschoolers, MOMs, sororities, and other women's clubs, are some of the organizations the have invited Mr. Ambrose to be their keynote speaker. He has also presented Stranger Smart© programs to Boys and Girl Scouts, schools, daycares and community organizations.

Topics include The Secure Child©, Personal Safety and Safety Awareness, How to Teach Your Child to Be Stranger Smart©, Anti-Abduction and Self-Defense Techniques, and the Good By-Stander – A Bully Buster, or suggest a topic that your group would like to know more about. Call to reserve your date.

Rocco preforming a demostration at a community event