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Children's Specialty Programs

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Stranger Smart©

Children's Safety Program

Community leaders, educators, and parents alike recognized our Stranger Smart© Program as one of the best programs in teaching stranger safety awareness to elementary schoolchildren, ages 6-12. Stranger Smart© is proven effective, and in a non-threatening way, able to communicate specific rules and actions that children easily learn and retain within minutes, guaranteed. Print out our flyer and take it to your teacher, principal or PTA and request that they sponsor this valuable program for your child’s school.

This anti-abduction safety program is disguised as an exciting, entertaining and fun program to teach youngsters the tools for dealing with strangers. Experts agree that the message of stranger safety is not as effective unless the message is accompanied by extensive role-play. Our program offers plenty of opportunities to role-play using the "5 Steps to Safety" until the children learn to recognize the ploys and potentially dangerous situations that put them at risk and how to avoid them. Plenty of applause and support from their friends and schoolmates creates an exciting atmosphere of learning for the whole school.

"The program is a valuable service to our community. The method of repeatedly summarizing each critical point and allowing the kids to practice the skill with different scenarios are the most effective in driving the message home."

Dodie Lore, Divine Child Elementary

"I took my son to a Stranger Smart© presentation at Ambrose Academy and realized that every child should see this program. I have sponsored the programs for the communities I serve, Garden City, Dearborn Heights, and Redford."

Diane Webb, Wayne County Commissioner


School Bus

Field Trips

Schools and youth organizations:

Bring your group to our school for a Stranger Smart© presentation. Children love new and interesting field trips. Besides our Stranger Smart program, Ambrose Academy offers other field trip options, Intro to Martial Arts, Girls' Self-Defense, Martial Arts Gym – great activities for summer day camps, your classroom, or boy and girl scouts. Schedule a program that your students will find stimulating, educational, and lots of fun. Email us for more information.

Rocco Ambrose teaching a Stranger Smart program to children at school

Community Service

Ambrose Academy in Livonia, presents this program twice a year at their school, every spring "Playing Outdoors Stranger Smart©" and in the fall, "Walking to School Stranger Smart©". This is a great opportunity for parents and children to see this program together. Parents can easily reinforce what their children have learned in class. Register for our next presentation, (just leave us your contact information and we will send a reminder) or contact us for more information.

This program is associated with Tao of Wing Chun Do, a non-profit teaching organization 501c-3.


Children at Ambrose Academy in after school program

Keep Kids Safe After-School Program

Children's Safety Enrichment Program

Choose an after school program that will keep your child active, engaged, and learning.  Ambrose Academy’s Keep Kids Safe After School Program is an excellent alternative to the typical latchkey program. Save yourself time and money by combining the need for latchkey services with an exciting enrichment program your child will love. Discover the benefits of getting multiple services for the price of one.



  • Lowers Cost –Two activities (and multiple benefits) for the price of one.
  • Convenient  – Gain more time for family in the evenings.
  • Increased Discipline at Home
  • Increases your child’s Self Esteem and Confidence (a more poised and self assured child)
  • Child gets to let off some “steam” before going home (a calmer child)
  • Safer Child – Your child will learn effective safety awareness techniques.
  • Award Winning School with a Good Reputation – Visit our awards and testimonial pages.

  • Fun and Exciting Activities (Themed Weeks, Martial Arts)
  • Increased Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Mental and Physical Self Defense (Anti-bullying, Stranger Smart©, Conflict resolution)
  • Increase Focus and Attention
  • Increase Coordination (Martial arts focuses on balancing body muscles on both sides of the body.)
  • Increase Self Discipline (Setting Goals and Achieving them)

Added Bonus – As recommended by health professionals, our program will satisfy your child's minimum daily requirement of sixty minutes of exercise everyday.


Themed weeks offer a well-rounded and fun program throughout the school year. A martial arts class everyday, life skills, arts and crafts, nutrition discussions, time for homework and lots of exercise gives your child a healthy outlet for all that pent up energy.


Transportation provided by guardian/parent. If your school falls within our boundaries, transportation may be available in the future. Contact us for more information or to register your child for the upcoming school year. 

Girl bowling

Summer Day Camp

Fitness, Sport, Martial Art

Scheduled for one or two weeks during the summer, half day and full day. Each day is filled with activities to keep your child moving and expending lots of energy. Your children learn about proper nutrition, the benefits of life long physical activity while having loads of fun. Morning calisthenics, martial arts classes include WCD self defense, intro to weapons, intro to sports ju-jitsu, and nutrition discussions every day. Field trips include bowling, swimming, and park days. Other activities include floor hockey, basketball, and of course there is time for creative free play, and lots of extras.


Active Children are Healthy Children


No couch potatoes here, just children constantly on the move all day long. Drop them off at 8:00am and pick them up at 3:30pm, Monday through Friday. We guarantee they will be happily exhausted after a full day of events, workouts, and exercises.


Enrollment is Limited. Only 25 applicants accepted. Ambrose Academy students and families get first choice, and then open to non-students.

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School Fundraising

Our school fundraiser has helped many schools, athletic departments, and Parent Teacher Organizations and Associations raise much needed funds.


This program has it all! Talk about a win-win situation!
  • Easy to set up.
  • Just one or two school volunteers needed!
  • Fun & exciting for children.
  • Convenient & low cost for parents.
  • Can give your school’s latchkey program added value.
  • School or PTO sets the price. (Ask for our recommendation.)
  • School/PTO receives half or more of proceeds!

Two girls from Ambrose Academy

Student Clubs, Events,

and Activities

Students at Ambrose Academy enjoy many activities planned throughout the year, special events including WCD Lock Ins – Parents Night Out, Excellence Awards, holiday, club pizza parties, field trips and more.


Clubs that promote and motivate students to do their very best:


For Kids Program: Perfect Attendance Club, Academic Achievers, and Black Belt Excellence.


For Juniors Program: Above, along with the Black Belt Club, Hacky Sack Club, Demo Team and Tournament Team.


Leadership Team Program - Role model and Community Service

Check with schools and college admissions and they will tell you that a child that develops leadership skills at an early age is an asset to any campus. Ambrose Academy gives your child an excellent opportunity to learn leadership skills that your child will apply outside of our school with positive results. When the student becomes a junior, he/she may apply for the Leadership Team.


Leaders may volunteer for community service, summer camps, and school events. Satisfies many public and private schools' requirements of volunteer service hours.