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Ambrose Academy takes a modern approach to developing and nurturing the best in each young student. This is accomplished by a unique approach to discipline through positive reinforcement. Ambrose Academy is dedicated to character building by installing the values of respect, honesty, and self-discipline without the military attitude. Our children and junior programs are age specific and tailored to optimize personal growth in each age group. In addition to the development of motor skills, coordination, and strength, your child will gain the ability to set and achieve goals, to say "NO" to unhealthy peer pressure, and a sense of physical and mental self-defense. You will find a caring staff, a great teacher to student ratio, and a well-established reputation.

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Lil Dragons

Lil Dragons

Ages (4-6)

This program provides pre-school and kindergarten children with the opportunity to explore activities that foster their development socially, cognitively, and physically. The classes promote fun and friendship in a highly supportive atmosphere. Emphasis on developing self-awareness and building success traits such as focus, increased attention span, mini goals, cooperation, self-control, self-discipline and "Yes I can!" attitude.

We accomplish this through Positive Reinforcement in a caring and nurturing, fun-filled environment. Focus all that energy in a positive direction. We invite you and your child to watch a class.

Curriculum includes Stranger SmartĀ©, anti-bullying skills, and mental self-defense.

Kids practicing Wing Chun Do

Kid's Wing Chun Do

Ages 6-10)

With over twenty years of experience teaching children, Ambrose Academy's age specific curricula focuses on developing traits that help create, what we call, The Secure ChildĀ©. We partner with parents long-term to bring about positive changes in behavior, confidence, and awareness.

In the Kid's program, the children learn a 50/50 mix of the defensive side of Wing Chun Do and sport ju-jitsu (ground defense), and weekly weapons training. High energy and camaraderie building class makes learning fun and exciting.

Junior's Wing Chun Do

Ages (10-14)

In this program, juniors learn a 50/50 mix of the defensive side of Wing Chun Do and sport ju-jitsu (ground defense), and weekly weapons training. Juniors learn at an accelerated rate and in the upper levels spar and learn more offensive technique.

Juniors may apply for the Leadership Program, Black Belt Club, Academic Achievers, and the Tournament Team. They may volunteer service hours for summer camps, school events, parties, and community service. (Great on a resume for honor societies and admissions.)

Green Dragon

Intro ProgramTry Wing Chun Do

Here is an easy way for you to discover the benefits of Wing Chun Do. Sign up for the Intro Program: Three lessons and a Free Uniform for just $29.95. For children or adults! [More...]

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