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Book Cover - James DeMile Chi Sao

Intro to Chi Sao

By James Demile

Rare Collector’s Item, new condition and signed by the author, James DeMile.


Bruce Lee's dynamic spring energy principles and his unique application of Chi Sao, the art of sticking hands as taught to Wing Chun Do founder James W. DeMile. Chi Sao limits the opponent's offensive and defensive potential at a very close range, giving you ultimate control over your opponent's energy.


Price: $400.00

Book Cover - 1 and 3 Inch Power Punch

Bruce Lee's

1 and 3 Inch Power Punch

By James DeMile

In this specialized training manual, Sijo DeMile presents a simple but organized approach to one of Bruce Lee’s dynamic techniques. The book covers mental and physical development, exercises and the mechanics of used to develop the Floating Punch.  Despite the manual’s small size, it has a wealth of information on one of Bruce Lee’s most famous techniques.


In it's final print, so pick this book up while it's still around.


Price: $15.00

Book Cover - The Secure Child

The Secure Child

By Elizabeth Ambrose

A confident child is a secure child. A child guided by boundaries, rules, and reasonable expectations will be confident in their choices. Children that can rely on parents for structure, to listen, to guide, and to be consistent feel confident that they have a good support  system, one that will always be there if needed.   This book focuses  on developing traits and strategies that help create, The Secure Child.


Price: $29.00

Book Cover - The Mindful Parent

The Mindful Parent -

The Art of Pre-framing

By Elizabeth Ambrose

Knowing the issue and stresses of each stage of development, a parent can prepare his or her child to cope with the pains of growing up, helping to lessen anxiety, drama, and the tears.  This book offers sample conversations and encourages parents to have positive pre- framing conversations with their children that build confidence and trust.


Price: $24.00