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Nickelodeon ParentConnect Award 2010 Nickelodeon ParentConnect Award 2009

Nickelodeon ParentConnect

Two Years In A Row!

Local editors awarded Ambrose Academy with numerous awards for Best Martial Arts Class and Best Family Friendly Business in Metropolitan Detroit area. We won the first ever Nickelodeon's Parents' Picks Award in 2009, where local editors based on research and client feedback chose only five schools to participate in the award's inaugural year. In 2010, from a field of twenty or more schools, Ambrose Academy Family Martial Art Center again was chosen as winner. We now hold the distinction of winning the award two years in a row! Our dedication to the personal growth, development, and safety of our students and their families, our emphasis on creating a warm inviting atmosphere, and our goal of giving excellent service makes Ambrose Academy one of the Best Martial Art Schools in Michigan.

WDIC Channel 4The Best Awards

WDIV 4 The Best

2007 Runner Up - Martial Arts School

When WDIV Channel 4 introduced it's 4The Best contest to showcase the best in the Detroit Metropolitan Area, Ambrose Academy was one of the first schools nominated for Best Martial Arts Class and was chosen Top Five in 2007, taking the runner up position. More gratifying for us was the astonishing 254 testimonials with a five star rating given over the years by students, former students, parents and family.

Inheritor of Wing Chun Do Gung Fu


2003 Inheritor of Wing Chun Do Gung Fu

In 2003, Sijo James DeMile traveled to Michigan and awarded Rocco Ambrose the title of Inheritor of his art Wing Chun Do Gung Fu. Sibok Ambrose has dedicated his life to the teachings of Wing Chun Do and the mission of the Tao. His school, Ambrose Academy has the distinction of being the longest running Wing Chun Do school in the country, training thousands of students over the last twenty years. Ambrose Academy is recognized as the Midwest International Headquarters for the Tao of Wing Chun Do and a certified Instructor Training Center. Along with Sijo DeMile, Ambrose is the only instructor authorized to certify future instructors in Wing Chun Do. Sijo DeMile has entrusted the future of Wing Chun Do to Sibok Rocco Ambrose.

The Sijo Award

SIJO Award


In January 2002, Sijo DeMile presented the highest award in the Wing Chun Do to Sibok Rocco Ambrose – The Sijo Award. The plaque reads: For your dedication to the art of Wing Chun Do, the sincere concern for your students, the high degree of teaching skills and the many years of friendship. – Sijo James W. DeMile.

Instructor of the Decade Award

Instructor of the Decade


In June 2001, at the first Wing Chun Do Convention held in Waikiki, Hawaii, and in front of his peers, students, family and friends, Sibok Rocco Ambrose was awarded Instructor of the Decade by Sijo DeMile. The award reads: "In recognition for over ten years of excellence as a Wing Chun Do instructor. You are an instructor's instructor and a primary example of what qualities an instructor should seek to develop. Your dedication, sincerity, creativity and friendship have helped make Wing Chun Do what it is today."